September 12, 2022
Becky AI Inc
901 North Pennslyvania St
Denver, CO 80203

Startup company BeckyAI is excited to introduce the world’s most advanced smart AI baby camera to the market. As many members of the team are parents themselves, they understand the importance of health and sleep, not just for the baby, but for the parents as well.

Based on special AI technology, the BeckyAI camera seeks to solve many challenges that parents constantly need to contend with. Apart from watching and recording the baby, the camera is also designed to:

  • Monitor sleep quality
  • Ensure the baby is laying in a safe position
  • Measure heart rate and temperature
  • Take regular photos and create photo albums

The most important thing the BeckyAI camera can do though is give parents peace of mind. The developers have seen how current baby monitors trigger false alarms. These serve to diminish the trust in our babies. That is why BeckyAI has utilized smart monitoring to eliminate these false notifications that even work without WiFi.

While the security and safety of our children is important, this monitor doesn’t require parents to be glued to their mobile phones day and night. The smart AI powered baby camera comes with two alerting keychain disks that can be kept in pockets, on tables, or anywhere these portable devices can be placed.

“We know how much work – and stress – it is to watch our kids”, says Mike Michelini, business development manager at BeckyAI. “As a parent of two kids myself, sleep has become our most valuable resource. We want to provide BeckyAI as the tool to help our kids, as well as all parents, better health during these early years”.

For those interested in taking part in the early adopter program, the BeckyAI project will be launching on Kickstarter in October, 2022. There’s no need to wait though, as you can join their early backer email list at to be one of the first people to know of any updates and developments.

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