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When you use AffordablePressReleases.com you gain access to partner network that includes 100 PR sites, Google News, Yahoo News, 85,000 registered journalists, 22,000 newsrooms, global, national and local newspapers, radio stations, 60,000 Trade publications and over 4,000 online news sites and databases across the internet.

Here are just a few of the benefits of having AffordablePressReleases.com working for you.

  • Keeps your company fresh in their minds
    You never want to go off the radar screen of your clients and prospects. If they forget about you, they could wind up doing business with one of your competitors instead. By sending out press releases to clients, prospects, vendors, etc. on a regular basis, you keep your name fresh in their minds and help cultivate long-term relationships based on trust and familiarity.
  • Educates them about your company
    I’ve always said that an informed client is the best client. The better your clients and prospects understand who you are, what you offer, and what you stand for, the likelier they are to do business with you and be satisfied. They’re also likelier to refer you to others because they’ll be able to speak more authoritatively about your company.
  • Reinforces current clients’ decision to hire you
    Your clients want to know that they’ve hired the right company. They like seeing positive stories about your company because it justifies their decision to do business with you. It boosts your value and credibility in their eyes.
  • Creates the perception that you’re constantly adding new stuff
    Perception is everything. When your clients and prospects are seeing news blurbs from your company on a regular basis, they automatically assume that your company is getting a lot of media coverage which means that things must be going well.

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