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Monday, December 05, 2022

Akitai is excited to announce the launch of its next product, the sun catcher. The team is excited to bring this product to people around the world, not only as a bold design choice, but also a safe one.

Akitai’s sun catcher acts as a crystal car hanging ornament. The crystals act to capture the sun’s rays and diffuse them, transforming every trip into a colorful one. There are different types of gems to choose from, allowing people to choose what colors they want to take on their trip.

While the colors make the sun catcher an aesthetic choice, they also help to improve a person’s mood and share a sense of joy while moving between destinations.

With travel being an important and essential part of many people’s days, the sun catcher makes for the ideal gift all year round. It can be useful for people driving each day to and from work, or for those going on a family trip. The colors can help brighten up a stressful day and set moods at ease.

The sun catcher is now available through the Akitai Amazon store.

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